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Mission and Vision

We have been shaped around the policy of ACG Group, innovative thinking, broad understanding of competition, working with a spirit of partnership and maintaining transparency in all areas, Our customers always rely on their promises and it is our most important strategic duty to be an identity that does not compromise on quality at every stage of the projects at hand, regardless of their possibilities. While realizing these strategic principles that have daily meanings for us, we are trying to "Build the Future" with all our energy. Of course, by expanding our horizons with all our partners, bringing people and organizations together, creating new ways of thinking and acting, but most importantly, by preserving and developing the values entrusted to our trust. In our opinion, "Value Added and Trust" is the most important factor of our success.

Our Team


We aim to keep our performing colleagues under highly satisfactory conditions. For this reason, we focus on people who embrace our vision and values as their own and can combine our culture with their own behavior and turn difficult situations into good business opportunities.

Our services


Special plan for private individuals ... Our financial investment consultants, composed of the most experienced and successful people in their fields, target the investment they want to achieve in the future for our Group companies and international investors. Balanced planning… Special investment plans centering risk profiles, income-expense balances and asset statuses ... Synthesized gain ... It keeps up-to-date on international markets and offers trading suggestions for financial instruments such as stocks, parities, fixed income securities and gold for all domestic and foreign investors. We are a good companion ... From short-term trading needs to long-term financial planning support, we guide investors in a wide range of areas.


Construction Contracting

We have carried out many housing projects with our solution partners, one of the experienced, dynamic and innovative organizations of the construction industry. We have become a sought-after company for housing, workplaces and restorations. We have achieved full success in our urban transformation projects.


We provide our constructions with the construction supervisor and the architectural project infrastructure with our own colleagues. Accordingly, we produce ambitious residences and restorations with our experience in both rough construction and fine works and our architectural vision.


In the Notary Contract for Contribution, we are personally a guarantor, either as a legal entity, that is, as a company or by company partners. Thus, instead of giving a guarantee to the flat owners only by the company, we give personal surety. We are working on successfully completing the process of transforming your homes that are worn out, not resistant to earthquakes and that do not comply with modern living standards into livable, earthquake-resistant, quality living spaces with social facilities, parking and green areas.


Real estate

We always work non-stop to help our clients achieve their real estate investment goals, with our broad and experienced staff with full expertise in property management. In addition to all these, we maintain transparency at every stage of the management process. All kinds of facilities, Houses, Apartments, Villas, Hospitals, Flats, Residences, Farm, Hotels, Lands, etc. We can easily respond to all your needs. ACG Group helps you to make the right decision for your business by verifying all legal procedures and required documents in the field of contract and title deed management and real estate investment to provide you with detailed analysis and financial feasibility studies.



It is the whole of the works carried out to regulate the behaviors and actions created regarding the identity of the person or institution, to obtain a respectable appearance in the eyes of the public, to increase the recognition and to change the reputation positively.

What are we doing?

Publishing effective and newsworthy press, journalists, bloggers and vloggers Posting positive content by. Giving interviews to newspapers, reporting remarkable events, real life examples presenting and serving interesting content. Interacting with the relevant people through social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Important social media such as blogs, especially Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest ensuring active use of resources.



Production services from documentary to promotional film, from animation to character design. We are happy to sign many productions that have been published at national level. 


Print Center

Digital printing

In our production facility; All designs are printed in the highest quality and without losing any detail. Our printing technology is developing day by day in order to provide timely and quality service to our business partners.


Your sign is the signature of your brand in the city. Our professional production and design team works diligently to get your signature in the most accurate way. Applications of original designs are carried out in our fully equipped facilities with the latest technology.

Stand and Showcase

Transition from design to production; It consists of the brief received from the customer, 3D design and engineering phases. The importance of showcase design, which is one of the important branches of visual merchandising, is gradually increasing. As their contribution to retail is realized, the owners of the companies increase their investments.

Interior architecture

Our team provides comprehensive turnkey interior architecture design and application services from concept project to application project in office decoration, store decoration, shopping center decoration, cafe and restaurant decoration.


Fair & Congress

Fair organization and planning of all sizes are provided by our experienced team. At this point, we are with you at all points required by the fair organization, with the development of the fair theme, the selection of the fairground, the design and installation, the preparation of the fair sales and sponsorship files, the marketing activities, the budget creation, the fair visitor planning and promotional activities.

Congress and Conference Management

Congress, seminar and symposium meetings are our area of ​​expertise. Budgeting at the point of congress organization, congress and meeting venue selection, hall and venue logistics planning and decoration, provision of hotel rooms, creation of reservation systems, invitee program management, booth and exhibition space planning, public relations, promotion and promotional activities, secretariat, data security and archiving services are provided.

Event Management

In the areas of responsibility of the units such as marketing, sales, public relations, corporate communication, human resources of institutions and organizations, warm contact is provided with internal or external social stakeholders, where the content is designed in line with the messages to be conveyed, launch, roadshow, dealer meeting, fair participation, etc. activities are under the scope of event management.


Education Management

Determining training programs for institutional needs, designing special training programs for institutions, selecting the most suitable trainers for each program, arranging the place where the training will be given, travel and accommodation organizations of the people to be trained when necessary, are provided by many services.


Facility Management


HR Management Planning



ACG Group operates in the field of aluminum trade in the non-ferrous metals sector with its solution partners. Our company, which trades primary aluminum, copper, lead and zinc products as well as secondary aluminum products, offers products and services of universal quality and standards. Our company strengthens its position in the sector day by day with its young, dynamic staff and expert engineers.



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Social Media Management


Digital Business Development


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